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A gas fireplace instantly adds warmth and elegance to any room. In addition to the enhanced ambience, the heat generated by a gas fireplace in your Burnaby, Surrey or Vancouver home can turn any rainy or snowy winter’s night into a comfortable and cozy experience. Gas fireplaces are versatile and can function throughout the house in just about any location. Natural gas burns clean, costs less than electricity and can be ignited with the flick of a switch, making your life easier and instantly more luxurious.

Each style of gas fireplace carried by BC Fireplace Service Inc. offers unique benefits: from energy efficiency, to unique shapes and sizes. Depending on what your specific room calls for, we have a fireplace style to fit your needs. Whether you want to enjoy a fireplace in a traditional hearth, mounted on the wall like picture, or placed in any wall divide, your gas fireplace placement can be as creative as your imagination.

When you’re planning to install a new gas fireplace in your home, contact our knowledgeable team for assistance. We’ll use our extensive experience to help you choose a fireplace that matches your needs, aesthetic and desired placement. We offer fireplace models from leading brands, such as Regency, Enviro, Napoleon, Kingsman, and Heat and Glo in the styles detailed below.

Types of gas fireplaces offered by BC Fireplace Service Inc.

With a gas fireplace insert you can transform any existing wood-burning fireplace, hearth or cavity into a natural gas heat source. Replace the old wood burning fireplace in your house with a clean burning gas fireplace and increase your home’s energy efficiency. An insert is very easy to install: with a metal housing, sealed glass front, and realistic ceramic logs or crystal ember beds, it connects directly into a vent in your chimney which eliminates cold chimney draft.

Freestanding gas fireplaces will fit in any corner of the house and are similar in appearance to a traditional wood burning stove. Radiating heat on all sides, heating big spaces with a freestanding fireplace is quick, efficient and easy. These models are the ideal solution to heating basements, holiday homes or cabins. Simply hook up a freestanding fireplace which can vent through the roof, or out through an exterior wall.

An existing fireplace cavity or chimney isn’t necessary to install a zero-clearance direct vent gas fireplace in any room in the house all you need is access to an outside wall or roof. Limited space is not an issue as these units can fit into any size. They are available in long linear looks as well as the portrait design style. Enjoy luxurious heat and ambience in any room.


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