Group Services

Group service rates can be arranged by management companies and billed directly to Strata, or organized by a resident and billed directly to residents.

Group Service – email us for a quote

We will clean and service each of the natural gas fireplaces and ensure that they are set to manufacture’s specifications. Should an individual fireplace unit require repair other than the normal service, a quotation will be provided for such additional work.

Depending on the number of units, we would suggest that the servicing be spread over a few days, provided that you arrange suitable access and we have at least ten business days notice to schedule the servicing. We will send you sign up sheets for residents to request the service. When complete, we will then assign the date/dates for service and forward you the completed list for you to post informing the residents when to expect our technician.

Please inform us if we are to charge the Strata for the servicing or the residents. If we are to bill the residents and they won’t be home for the servicing please have them arrange for someone else to give entry and arrange payment with our office in advance.

Please note that on group service, we have a  fee for all no show or cancellations made without 2 business days notice.

There is a black-out period from August 1st until December 31st for group service. Group service can be arranged for dates before or after this blackout period. Any further repairs can be scheduled during this period, however, if required. If group service is scheduled during the blackout period, the regular rate  per unit applies.

Prices subject to change without notice.

It is important we know the make and model of the fireplaces to properly schedule the servicing.

*The Standard group service prices posted here apply to standard single sided fireplaces. All other fireplaces will be by special quote: corner, pier, see-through, linear, etc.



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