When choosing a fireplace for your house, you will focus on certain components such as size, style, features and design. Wood and gas are the most popular fireplace fuels. For homeowners, a gas fireplace is an ideal option, as gas heating is more environment-friendly, when compared to burning wood.

Here are five reasons to choose a gas fireplace over wood:

1. Gas fireplaces produce fewer polluting emissions than wood burning

It has been reported that gas fireplaces produce up to 99% less harmful emissions than wood. Government agencies have recognized this, and as such many gas fireplace models and installation applications qualify for financial incentive rebates from the province ($400 BC Wood Exchange) and FortisBC ($300 Efficiency Fortis Rebate).
Indoor air quality is also superior in gas fireplace heating systems, as the new fireplaces are sealed combustion units, designed to vent most pollutants outside and none into the living space. Burning wood can release significant smoke and soot into the room it is heating which results in more mess and compromised breathing air.

2. Efficiency / cost to run

The new direct vent gas fireplace heating systems are closed and insulated; therefore, they lose significantly less heat up the chimney compared to old style fireplaces. The higher efficiencies of new direct vent fireplaces also provide more heat per BTU compared to old inefficient models. General findings report, it can cost- significantly more than twice as much per year to heat with wood vs. gas, at a comparable BTU.

3. Ease of installation process

Gas fireplace installation is a noninvasive process. In most cases, our professional gas fitters can complete an installation within a few hours to one day. Building or installing a wood fireplace and chimney heating system can be elaborate, costly and lengthy.

4. Gas fireplaces heat up faster

Woodfire takes time to heat up, whereas a gas fireplace heats up with the press of a button. For immediate warmth during freezing winter mornings, a gas fireplace is the best option.

5. Gorgeous and diverse options

Wood fire is beautiful, but you’re limited to the wood theater option. Advancement in gas fireplace flame, design and manufacturing has made it possible for anyone to bring to life, the unique fireplace beauty that exists in their minds eye. Choose from design elements such as: beautiful birch/oak/driftwood logs, stones or sparkling crystals; enamel, fluted or brick liners. Finish the look with the most embellished cast iron vintage replica or the most modern and clean surround.

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