The stunning Enviro EX32 Gas Insert

Natural Gas fireplace inserts are an ideal way to add convenience and value to your home. If you are looking for an alternative to your traditional masonry fireplace, a gas fireplace insert is an efficient and cost-effective option. It is a pre-made firebox which fits into a masonry or wood zero-clearance host fireplace. You should first measure your existing fireplace where the gas insert will be fixed, and contact us so we may further assist you in your process. BC Fireplace Service Inc. offers a wide range of fireplace brands along with installation and maintenance services.

Why You Should Choose Gas Fireplace Inserts?

Some of the important benefits of getting a gas insert are:

  • Warm, Toasty and Comfortable Home Gas fireplaces offer a better heat output than a masonry one. A new high efficient insert will be sufficient to warm your entire room.
  • Unmatched Convenience – With the flick of a switch, or a hand held remote, you have a fire! These setups don’t depend on the logs for burning, continuing to burn even when the logs have been exhausted. There are no issues of chopping, splitting, hauling or stacking logs. You don’t have to be tending to the fire with worries of embers escaping from the fireplace.
  • Budget-Friendly Investment – These are a pocket friendly update where you can also save on firewood costs.
  • Clean Burning – Gas fireplaces are cleaner compared to their wood burning counterparts. You won’t find any soot or ash, which are very light and can accumulate anywhere in the room. You may not see the formation of creosote, a layer of thick residue, along the inside walls of your chimney.
  • Versatile Design – From rustic to ultramodern, there are many styles to choose from to suit your specific tastes and budget.
  • Energy Efficiency – A log-and-burner set is fixed inside the metal box which is surrounded by a larger metal box fitted into the fireplace. The heated air between the two boxes radiates and passes to your room. In traditional fireplaces, a good amount of heat escapes through the chimney while with gas burners, your room gets heated up faster and more efficiently.
  • Aesthetics – Fireplaces create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere to be enjoyed with your family. You can even curl up with a book adjacent to it. The flames of gas fireplaces are pleasant to watch compared to that of traditional ones. Install a glass frame to enjoy the visual.

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