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That first spark of attraction is there, but is there also substance?

Will that new fireplace meet your needs? Be there for the long term? Will it just look pretty and guzzle up your savings account? Will it under-perform for your needs, or roast you out of your space?

Most of you haven’t had to look for a new fireplace in maybe twenty years. The market has changed. You don’t know the new jargon like “electronic ignition” and “rebates” and “clean face”. Fashion has changed along with that; now the new black is sunset bronze and brass is “so yesterday”.

So what are you to do?

If you value the finer details, quality craftsmanship, a company that supports Canadian manufacturing; If you value low pressure, informative people to help guide you, creative showroom ideas and professionalism in every transaction, then you could use our years of experience at matching people and fire.

Your experience won’t stop when our installers get down on one knee for you. We will call you annually to remind you of after-care service (think of it like an anniversary spa treatment for your fireplace)

You know your match is waiting for you. Take the next step and give us a call or pop by. You are welcome anytime.

PS: If you already have the perfect match, give our service department a shout for annual servicing. Your fireplace will thank you. Let us help put that spark back in your hearth.